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Who We Are

Right Choice Services provides accommodation and support to young people in care and leaving care between the ages of 16-21 years old. We specialise in providing for “difficult to place young people” and we have had a number of successful placements for these young people.

What is it we provide?

Right Choice Services provides a service to young people in care and to those leaving the care of a Local Authority who require specific help with their transition to independence and developing the necessary life skills to manage living independently.

The service provides for young people with a clear Pathway Plan, upon which, we develop a be-spoke placement support plan tailored to the young person’s individual needs. We see this a robust approach to pathway planning, as opposite to it being simple a document or a paper exercise of no real intent or meaning to the young person.

We provide the physical as well as the emotional space for the young people to be themselves, develop their resilience and confidence towards their independent living. Our setup and non-judgemental approach enable the young people to make mistakes and be able to learn and correct them at their own pace, in a safe setting. We believe that having their own space, both physically and emotionally it is essential for the young people to test themselves in respect of the day to day management of their lives. It enables them to have a fair chance of developing their potential via a process of trial and error in a safe and supported environment. 

Our services provide a range of options for young people based on their assessed needs and as outlined in their Pathway Plan. These range from individual units with outreach support, to share and twenty-four hour staff supervised units.

All placements may be accessed in an emergency situation with the provision that a placement agreement is constructed within 72 hours of the placement commencing.

We understand that young people leaving care are at a disadvantage in many aspects when compared to those young people coming from stable family backgrounds. Research highlights that often, the young people leaving care lack their family’s support and do not have the same practical, emotional and financial support that those young people from a stable family background. This makes their transition from childhood to a young adult a very daunting experience.

The purpose of our service is to provide a helping and supportive hand to young people in transition to adulthood and independent living. We know and understand how difficult most young people leaving care find the process of moving on to their independence. Therefore, we aim to provide professional support systems, which are specifically aimed at developing the necessary life skills, resilience and confidence to manage the challenges that the young people face living independently. 

Right Choice Service is committed to provide high standards in all aspects of what we do and provide while being fully focused on partnership working towards the best possible outcomes for all the

Provide high quality living conditions and a support package structured within individual’s development plan which is based on his / her assessment needs and Pathway Plan.

* Encourage and develop the self-esteem, aspirations and confidence of the individual by ensuring that they are fully involved in all decision-making processes as they relate to their life.

* Help each young person to develop and maintain good self-management skills, social skills, communication skills, relationship management skills and financial management skills.

* Establish and enhance appropriate and positive relationships, with those individuals who are involved or are important in maintaining the young person’s independence beyond care.

* Actively encourage young people to achieve educationally and to seek vocational training and employment.

* We strive to take steps to ensure that all young people have a positive pathway to education, employment or training to a positive future to provide a culture where being a NEET young person has zero tolerance.

* Promote healthy living habits in all aspects.

* Promote and provide new opportunities and access to the widest possible spectrum of life enhancing experiences.

* Provide the similar choices, opportunities and facilities, which are available in the wider community.

* Always work in an anti-oppressive and equal-opportunities framework in which the individual circumstances and the need of the young person is the main guiding factor.

* Create an environment where participation, high standards of care and support, promoting confidence and self-worth is a priority, in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the young people.


What We Do

Right Choice Services provide high quality accommodation provisions across London Boroughs, Essex and Medway. Our homes offer targeted support hours for care leavers utilising the young people’s Pathway Plans and the CORAM support framework to ensure that the young people develop the necessary skills for independent living. These provisions are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by qualified support staff who are driven to support the young people and help them reach their full potential.

Right Choice Services also provide specialist provision for young people being released from custody, aimed at assisting them to re-settle in the wider community and re-integrate into education and training programmes. The service seeks to enable young people to ‘hit the ground running’ on release from custody by focusing on their hopes and aspirations as an effective means of addressing their previous offending behaviour. Our staff will also make themselves available to present as an appropriate adult if/and when required.

Right Choice Services offer step-down accommodation specific to young people transitioning to 18+ independent living. These provisions are primarily for our young people that have made significant progress towards developing their independent living skills and have demonstrated that they have the skills to manage living independently. These homes retain the high-quality environment of our 24-hour staffed provisions with reduced on-site staffing and support hours. We continue to assess the needs of our young people to plan and deliver programmes related to different areas such as health, fitness, drugs-substance misuse, dangers of gangs, safe relationships, employment and training.

Right Choice Services also offer escorting services for young people placed in our homes who require such additional support. This includes accompanying them to attend different appointment such as: College/education appointments, solicitors and immigration related appointments, health related appointments, therapeutic intervention sessions, youth offending appointments, contact with family or any other requirement agreed in advance with the young person’s respective Social Worker or his/her Personal Advisor.

We are dedicated and committed to work in partnership with the professional network in ensuring that the varying and often complex needs of our young people are met. This is achieved and maintained through attending different meetings (LAC reviews, PEP/College meetings, strategy/disruption meetings, Youth Offending Service case reviews, etc), liaising and networking with the Police, Educational and Health Establishments ,CAHMS, Social Services, Youth Offending Teams and other agencies to address concerns and promote the best opportunities for the young people. At Right Choice Services we work alongside our young people’s Social Workers and their Personal Advisors, as well as with local education provisions (Colleges and Apprenticeship programmes) to ensure they are enrolled in education/training and prevent them from becoming NEET (not in employment, education or training).

At Right Choice Service we value the importance of building trustful and respectful relationships with the young people placed with us. We promote different activities, enrolling the young people in community/environmental projects, supporting them to attend outdoor education and sporting activities, with the aim of building positive relationships between staff and the young people. Our staff can mentor and support individual young people in various settings and where required build their interpersonal skills to encourage social inclusion. We strive to provide tailored need interventions and within the framework of

Looked After Children, the Children Act 1989, Care Matters, Every Child Matters (based on the five outcomes) and the Leaving Care Act 2000 Guidance & Regulations.



What We Offer

5 Bedroom Semi-Detached House


4 Bedroom Mid Terrace House


4 Bedroom Mid Terrace House


5 Bedroom Mid Terrace House


4 Bedroom End Terrace House


4 Bedroom Mid Terrace House


5 Bedroom Mid Terrace House


6 Bedroom Mid Terrace House also for Siblings and Mother & Baby



What Our Clients Say

“We have been working with Right Choice Service Ltd for 3 years and the feedback has been very positive from social workers, young people and other professionals.  Right Choice Service Ltd have some very good key workers that are supportive to the young people that are placed with them.”

Ram Ramasubramanian, Enfield Council

“Right choice is very child centred and supportive of all young people they support. Staff at Right choice are very approachable, and consistency in staff has enabled young people build lasting relationships with the staff based on trust, which is key for our young people. Young people are well equipped with the necessary skills to move into dependence, due to the excellent support provided by Right Choice.”

A. N – Social Worker, Social Worker
Hertfordshire Council

“We have had many students from Right Choice studying with us over the years.  We work closely with the Right Choice staff, particularly Mr Arjan Terziu, to ensure the best outcomes for these young learners.  Mr Terziu is always very supportive of the young people in his care and liaises with us regularly.”

Annelouise Pitt-Bailey, Programme Manager, The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
More Testimonials

We are very proud to work with many Greater London boroughs and organisations including:

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