Ram Ramasubramanian

Team Manager, Access to Resources Team, Enfield Council

“We have been working with Right Choice Service Ltd for 3 years and the feedback has been very positive from social workers, young people and other professionals.  Right Choice Service Ltd have some very good key workers that are supportive to the young people that are placed with them.”

Annelouise Pitt-Bailey

Programme Manager,The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London

“We have had many students from Right Choice studying with us over the years.  We work closely with the Right Choice staff, particularly Mr Arjan Terziu, to ensure the best outcomes for these young learners.  Mr Terziu is always very supportive of the young people in his care and liaises with us regularly.”

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A. N – Social Worker

Social Worker

“Right choice is very child centred and supportive of all young people they support. Staff at Right choice are very approachable, and consistency in staff has enabled young people build lasting relationships with the staff based on trust, which is key for our young people. Young people are well equipped with the necessary skills to move into dependence, due to the excellent support provided by Right Choice.”